JIC fixtures at HFI fluid energy services and products. The tolerances permitted are far more lenient for JIC fittings too, compared to a fixtures. The SAE went on to look at this JIC standard too https://www.kplokusa.com. a means Air Force – Navy Aeronautical Design Standards (also known as Army Navy”) which are utilized in U.S. Military aviation applications. WE manufacure our JIC fixtures from domestic barstock.

The design features a convex feminine seat that’s engineered to be used with any male JIC fitting. And unlike ORFS fittings, the Flaretite Seal will not fail during a fire, permitting atomized hydraulic oil to fuel the fire. Flared connections fitted with Flaretite Seals are today’s reply to inexpensive, high integrity, “Zero-Leak” fixtures, while complying with brand new worldwide requirements.

JIC fittings are a great option for preventing leaks and may be used for higher force applications. Hy-Lok’s flare fixtures are engineered to truly save the user time and money. MOCAP shares Threaded Caps for Flared JIC Fittings in lots of sizes for instant delivery. To talk to our techConnect engineer group directly, they could be reached at Parker Tube Fittings Division , 614.279.7070.

Put simply, The FLARE-® adapter is completely compatible with the commercial 37° flare design, having its double seal system. 304 Stainless steel seal without a coating for standard carbon steel fixtures. Then, tighten up the nut using a spanner until the nut is tight and sleeve grips on the tube. HAW provides quality tested and approved JIC fixtures for a comprehensive array of hydraulics applications – from mobile to heavy-duty.

Flared Fitting Leaks are mostly caused by misalignment, area harm and vibration in field. We additionally publish SAE here is how to correctly install adapters and steer clear of tiny leakages or poor system design. First, the nut and sleeve are placed on the end of a pipe. 45° flare fixtures are similar in appearance, but are not interchangeable.

Flare fitting design enables repeated disassembly and re-assembly without necessity to displace any elements. These JIC fittings are identical, in a dimensional design, to Aeronautical-Navy fittings, nevertheless they have now been manufactured to be economical also to tolerances that aren’t as high or particular.

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